Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The CD projects I'm working on....

For those of you who are interested in what new musical creations I'm up to...

I really haven't written much new material lately. In fact, with the release of Overcome, I pretty much exhausted my compositional stash.

However, this last Easter season I performed my "Passion Play" program twice, and just as it did when I first performed it three years ago, it began to stir up my creative side. So I started developing the music from the "passion play" for a possible CD version of the program. It's something I've hesitated doing in the past for personal and religious reasons, but it seems like that's where things are going.

I am also still working on the "Hymns" album, however this is coming along much more slowly. I have a number of favorite hymns selected and have started working on them, but I am finding the arranging process hasn't really inspired me to anything "great" yet. I like some of the arrangements coming out, but am having trouble finishing them.

So that's where things are at...



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