Thursday, May 24, 2007

Adoration - The Very First Review...

As I mentioned in my blog yesterday, I decided to release the premix of my upcoming new CD, "Adoration," to a few choice people to get some feedback on it. For more details on the reasons behind that, read yesterday's blog. The long and the short of it is, I feel a lot of pressure about the release of this new album, and I'm not sure what I have in it. Is it a good album? Is it bad? Is it just "okay?" I can't be objective as I'm much too close to the music.

I want the album to be "Amazing." It has to be, as it's an album of Hymn arrangements telling a story of devotion to God. The music has to be worthy of the subject matter. I can't release a "worship" album that's just "okay." It's either worthy or it's not.

So I put it in the hands of others for feedback, others who can be more objective than I.

The first person to hear the new album, other than my wife, was Michael McDonald, who mastered my last CD, "Overcome." Now Michael is someone who doesn't give out praise lightly. Like me, he hears so much music in his profession that really, it all rather blends together. It takes quite an album to grab our attention.

I asked Michael to give me his honest opinion on it. How does it sound? Does anything about it bug you? Is the mix OK? How does it come across? Is it worthy of release as is?

After having the premix in his hands for two days, here's what he emailed me... this is the first "review" of the album.

"The album is stunning! I thought I'd put it on yesterday morning while I went over some paperwork with my coffee. I sometimes pick up on things better if I'm not completely focused on listening for details. After about 5 minutes I stopped the paper work and got taken away by the music. That doesn't happen often with me. I really like this album! Love the mix and reverb. It's a gorgeous sound and performance. It's a wonderful album and needs to be heard. Something about this body of work seems very blessed."

I read his comments with tears of relief. Seriously. I feel so much pressure about the release of this album - what a delight to hear those words of encouragement. I mean, he wasn't just polite, he was really and truly touched by it. What a gushing review!

If this album touches many people this way, I will be so blessed.

I continually stand amazed that God would use such an imperfect man as me to reach into people's lives with this music. After all, I'm just a piano player.

But what a joyous honor it is to be a piano player in God's kingdom.

David Nevue


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