Saturday, August 19, 2006

Day Three: The Boise / Oregon Ghost Town Tour...

We arrived in Boise, ID late on Saturday night and got up early for my performance at Cathedral of the Rockies, First United Methodist Church.

My family and I stayed in Boise with pianist Christian Housel and his family. It was Christian, actually, who invited me to come and play for his church there in Boise. Very nice of him! Christian and I had played a Whisperings piano concert together only a month before, and here we were, together again! if you like my music, check out Christian's as well. You'll like it!

For the morning church service, I played three songs. I opened with "Be Thou My Vision" (played as a prelude to the service) and then I played "The Vigil" as special music. Finally, I played "Eden Again" for the postlude.

One of the reasons I played the morning service was to give folks a "preview" of the evening concert and to encourage them to come.

So, after spending a fun afternoon with the Housel's, we returned to the church for the concert that night. It was a really nice setting, on a beautiful 7' Steinway piano. We had about 80 people in attendance.

The concert wasn't just myself, but Christian also. We took turns. Christian opened with three songs, and then I played three. Then he played three more and I played three.

At the end, we got a standing ovation, so we each played one more. Then he and I did some improvisation together, finishing up with a four-hand version of Pachelbel's "Canon in D." It was great fun!

To the right is a photo from the concert. It gives you some idea of the setting. It was a nice, mellow evening. :)

For the concert I played....

The Gift
Sweet Dreams & Starlight
Big Snow in Salzburg

As the Deer
No More Tears
It is Well With My Soul


That pretty much sums up day three. Most of the day surrounded events at the church, going back and forth, and then spending some time with the Housel family just hanging out.

Coming soon... Day Four!


Anonymous darnesha said...

That sounded like a great time! I was looking at the picture and I was thinking, Whoa, I would have been so nervous. Were you?
I love hearing about your concerts. I can't wait til you're in Duluth!

9:14 PM  

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