Friday, August 04, 2006

David Nevue: Mogul of New Media?

I thought I'd pass this along as it's pretty cool....

I just got mentioned with my photo in the Wall Street Journal.

They were doing an article entitled "Moguls of New Media" about unknown producers being "catapulted into positions of enormous influence." Apparently, I'm one of them. :)

They interviewed me a couple weeks about for about an hour. Here's a link to the Wall Street Journal article.

Funny, I don't feel like a "Mogul." :)

The mention/photo is underneath the text of the article, in the "New Media Power List" portion.


David Nevue


Anonymous darnesha said...

Wow! You're really getting around, huh? I'm really happy for you! You may not consider yourself to be much of a mogul but you are a hugehugehuge inspiration to me (as you may already know). It was so cool to see your picture and stuff on The Wall Street Journal! I am listening to whisperings now and decided to see if you wrote anything at your journal lately. Really nice! See ya,


4:41 PM  

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