Friday, June 08, 2007

Got a New Baby..... Grand!

I have a new instrument in my home. Well, new to me. It's actually used, but when it comes to buying a piano, I prefer to buy a used one (already broken in) than a new one.

I've been playing a Young Chang 4'11'' baby grand for about 8 years. I always dreamed of someday owning a Yamaha grand piano - and now I do!

This last week, I was offered a private showing at a piano sale here in town. I was invited to go down and check out the pianos before the sale was open to the public. The sale was offered by a Steinway dealer. I walked in and, sure enough, they had one solitary Yamaha piano there - a used Yamaha C-3, which is a 6'1" grand piano.

It was the first piano I sat down and played and after checking out many other pianos in my price range, I kept going back to it and finally decided to buy it. It was a really great deal, and I couldn't pass it up.

They delivered it on Sunday, and in doing so, took away my trade-in, my old Young Chang. I have to admit, I teared up a bit watching "my little girl" being packed away and carried off. I mean, I wrote a LOT of my music on that piano! It was really hard to see it go.

But then I sat down at my new piano and started playing and well, I'm over it now! It's got a really nice action, "like butter" as my wife said after sitting down and playing it for the first time.

The new piano was long overdue. The Young Chang I had was a great piano, but it has seen better days. It was a very inexpensive, entry-level grand piano, and really not made to be played two hours a day for ten years. I really put the miles on it.

Anyway, it's nice to have a new instrument with some life in it. I am so blessed!

David Nevue


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