Wednesday, December 09, 2009

December 2009 Newsletter....

Hey Everyone!

I want to get right to the point.

My new solo piano CD "REVELATION" is now available! You can purchase it right now from my web site at

Buy as many copies as you want. Hey, 'tis the season. Great for gifts! Use the 5 CD Set Discount option at and you can get 5 copies of REVELATION for just $50! or, you can purchase a combination of ANY 5 OF MY CDs and get the same price.

Want to preview music from REVELATION? I thought you might! You can do that at . I've listed the songs there and put extended clips of each of the solo piano tunes for you to preview.

REVELATION is comprised mostly of praise/worship song arrangements and improvisations. It is a continuation of my previous album, "Adoration." About half the recordings on the album were improvised and/or recorded and arranged "on the fly" while I was working on the "Adoration" CD. This is my first album ever that is "improvisational" in nature. It is a soulful album. Quiet, peaceful, serene, prayerful. Great piano music to worship and study with. That's 19 tracks. The album runs just over 70 minutes! My longest album yet!

Now, I know not everyone digs what they perceive as "religious" music. If you fall into that category, guess what? You'll still love the CD. You may not know the songs, but it will still sound like the "David Nevue" piano music you've always known and enjoyed.

So... Phew... after two years at work on it, the new album is out! Yes!

Oh, and one other thing....


I also just released the sheet music songbook of my solo piano album "Whisperings: The Best of David Nevue - 1985-2000"

The printed book includes sheet music from the entire album! It's spiral-bound, which means it will stay open on your piano without having to bend or put weight on the pages like so many other songbooks out there. The printed songbook is available for $24.95, and you can purchase that at

And don't forget, the songbook for my album "ADORATION: SOLO PIANO HYMNS" is available from my web site too!


CREATE YOUR OWN Sheet Music Package! PICK ANY 4 for $11.95!

Ever wish you could CREATE YOUR OWN custom sheet music package? Well now you CAN! Pick any four sheet music transcriptions from my catalog and purchase them together for just $11.95. That saves you about $4.00 over purchasing them individually! For details on
how to do this, see

Want a different package setup? Perhaps more than four selections? Just email me at or and I can create a special, unique sheet
music package just for you!



As you know, I'm on the road a lot. After the holidays, I'm taking a much needed break from traveling. Well, mostly.

I have a conference I'm attending in the L.A. area the weekend of January 15th-17th. If you're in the L.A./San Diego area and want to book a concert in your home or church, get in touch with me. I know it's short notice, but we can iron out the details if you're interested. You can read up on booking info at . Just email me at

I am going to start actively seeking bookings in the above states in January for my Spring 2010 Tour. If you're in one of the above states and would like priority consideration for a concert in your home, church or school, or if you just have questions about the process, just email me at



I've already mostly recorded my next album, "A DELICATE JOY" which consists almost entirely of original music I've written. I'll start editing that in the Spring and release it around September 2010.

I've also got a "live" house concert CD in the works, plus "Whisperings: The Best of David Nevue - 2000-2010." Both of which will probably be released in 2011.

It's hard to say after that. I certainly have plenty to keep me



If you want to keep track of what I'm doing every day, you can follow me on Twitter at . I'm also very active on Facebook and you can find my Facebook page at



Have you checked out Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio yet? Tune in at for beautiful solo piano music 24/7! It's free, and you can listen via iTunes, Windows Media Player or even direct from the web site. The broadcast features
my own piano music, as well as music from over 150 artists from around the world.



ALL my piano music is available at iTunes: Just visit to open up iTunes and see my work in the iTunes Store.

If you prefer MP3 FORMAT, most of my songs are available at as downloads. Just go to



If you'd like to help promote my piano music, I would very much appreciate it! I get more support for my music via word-of-mouth advertising from fans than just about anything else!

Here are some promotion ideas for you...

1) Tell your friends about my music. Better yet, lend them a copy of one of my CDs! Warning - you might have a hard time getting the CD back! If they really like it, you can always get them a copy of the CD as a gift.

2) On Twitter or Facebook? Recommend my music to your friends! Direct them to my web site at to take a listen to my solo piano tunes for free.

3) Write a blog about my music and talk it up. Post your thoughts on my music in any groups, forums or chat rooms (like Facebook, Twitter) you regularly participate in. Be sure to include a link back to my web site.

4) Watch and recommend some David Nevue videos. Go to, search for "David Nevue", watch some videos, rate them, and then email your favorites to friends. You can find
several videos at

5) If you're into iTunes, go to, pull up the details on an album and rate my music! Help encourage others on iTunes who find my music to take the plunge and purchase it!

6) Just like #5, do the same thing on and . Search for my music and add some customer reviews! Encourage others to take a chance on the CDs.

7) Tune into Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio while you're at work. You can tune in at . If you have iTunes, just look under the Radio/Classical genre and you'll see it there. When people come by and comment on the music, give them the URL. If you REALLY like the station, sign up for Whisperings PureStream and support the broadcast.

8) If I'm playing a concert near you, invite all your friends and family. Make a big "piano" party out of it! Have a nice dinner, see a concert, and come say "hi" to me after. If you go out with your friends for dessert after the concert, invite me. I might come and hang out with you for awhile! Don't be shy!

If you have other ideas to help promote my music, email me and maybe I'll put it in my next newsletter!

That's it for this time. Merry Christmas!

David Nevue


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