Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Voices from the Past....

One of my favorite things about the Internet, and about being somewhat of a "minor" celebrity (I mean that in the most insignificant sense), is that every once in a while I'll get an email that goes something like this...

"Hi David, this is Allison Anderson. I don't know if you remember me, but we went to school together in the fourth grade. One of my friends had one of your piano CDs and when I saw your name on it I thought - is this THAT David Nevue? And here I am now writing you on your web site after thirty-some-odd years. How strange. Do you remember me?"

It's so cool. Old friends and even just barely acquaintances from my past drop me a line. Sometimes I remember them, sometimes I don't (at which point I go scurrying for my old yearbooks), some are old girlfriends and some are people who I thought didn't think too highly of me back in those days. But hey, it's just a wild blast from the past to "hear" those old voices.

Sometimes, there are people who I wish would find me. Adrian Riggs for example, one of my best friends from my Junior high school days. He was a pianist before I had any clue I would ever be one. I remember watching Adrian play the piano and thinking - man, I wish I could play like that! And here I am, twenty-five years later playing with a completely different style - but still....

Adrian, where did you go? You're totally absent on the Internet. There's no record of you! Well, maybe someday you'll search for yourself and find my little blog here and drop me a line.

And then there's my first piano teacher - Laura? Leslie? I can't even remember her name, but she was the best piano teacher I had. Of course, I only had three teachers in three years before I quit taking piano lessons (at age 15), but had I not moved away from Coos Bay, Oregon at the age of twelve I'm pretty sure I would have kept going forward with that sweet lady as my teacher. I wonder if someday she'll run across one of my CDs and wonder - is this THAT David Nevue?

Wow, I wish I could remember her name, but hey I was twelve at the time. Still, someday I hope I can thank her.

So, it's great hearing from old friends, from people who were part of my life so very long ago. They form a very old chapter in a very long book, but now and again it's nice to flip back to those pages and revisit them.

And here I am wondering why I'm up so late once again...



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