Saturday, June 04, 2005

A Beautiful Wedding....

Congratulations to Ralph and Holly Miele!

I just played their wedding tonight, and it was beautiful - one of the most delightful weddings I've been a part of. My wife Julie (a violist) and I provided the prelude to the ceremony with a violin/piano duet of a hymn and two popular praise songs. The songs were "'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus," a hymn arrangement that will appear on one of my future CDs, "Your Holiness Surrounds Me," and "Be the Center."

I then performed an arrangement of "Morning Has Broken" which was a request and was dedicated to the mother of the groom, who just recently passed away. It was one of her favorite songs. I like the arrangement so much, I think I'm going to include in on a future CD release.

Next, I played "Voice in the Wilderness" for the procession, and then "Wonderland" for the bride's entry. Finally, as the ceremony postlude, I played "Castle Hunting," which accompanied everyone as they left the sanctuary.

There was a beautiful peace over the santuary during the ceremony. The wedding felt very much led by the Spirit. I just realized why - It felt very much like a worship service!

I'm always so grateful and honored to play at weddings - it's a big deal to be asked to do it, because you are becoming a PERMANANT part of a couple's history. They will always remember you and the music you provided. What a great honor!

Well, I'm off to San Francisco tomorrow morning for a piano concert with Brenda Warren and Scott D. Davis. I'm looking forward to it and will write about how things went as soon as I can.

Off to bed!



Anonymous Shawna Boggs said...

I came across your website on accident. You see Holly is my niece and I wasn't able to come to her wedding so when I read what you wrote it helped me visualize by your words how beautiful the wedding was. Holly is a wonderful, beautiful woman and deserves so much in life. I am glad you helped her have lasting memories of the wedding by playing such beautiful music. God Bless You. Shawna Boggs, Arkansas

1:11 PM  

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