Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A little compositional trivia....

The song Goodnight Moon from my "Sweet Dreams & Starlight" album was originally part of another song called Wonderland, which you can find on my Postcards from Germany CD. At one time the two songs were actually one! Over time, however, it became clear that what I really had was two distinct melodies, so I split them apart into two pieces.

On the original composition, what is now called Goodnight Moon was the introduction to the main theme of the piece which later became Wonderland.

You can still hear the connection between the two. Play Goodnight Moon sometime and follow it with Wonderland. You'll see how the end of Goodnight Moon is virtually the same as the intro to Wonderland.

One of my little secrets is now out in the open!

Take a walk and enjoy the sun - you spend too much time indoors!



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