Tuesday, June 14, 2005

My little girl is two....

My daughter, Noelle, just turned two years old on Sunday.

Wow. It was just the other day we were shooting the picture that ended up on the back of my "Sweet Dreams & Starlight" CD. She was about three months old in that shot. Now, here she is, two years old, walking, talking, and making demands!

Noelle: "Milk! Milk!"

Papa: "Say 'please,' sweetie...."

Noelle: "peas... Milk! Milk! Milk! Milk!"

My little girl is definitely a little lioness. From the moment she was born, we knew she was different than her big brother, Nathan. Nathan, who is five now (two when he was photographed for the cover of the SD&S CD) is mister cool. He's thrown maybe one fit in his life, and aside from that, I've never seen him get angry and yell. He talks incessantly, yes, (which drives mama and papa to distraction!), but he never yells.

Now Noelle, she's a little observer. She doesn't speak a whole lot unless she wants something, but she can go from quiet to screaming in no time flat. She's got a temper, that girl! She's going to be a strong-willed one, that's for sure!

But she's got the prettiest little face. And when she say's "Hi Papa!" I just melt.

Yes, my little girl is two, and I love her very much.



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