Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The downside to busy....


Here I am on the threshold of the month of May. It's a big one.

This weekend I travel down to San Francisco for a conference and to play a house concert. The following weekend I'm playing all day at RoseEmma's Cottage Gifts, and then on Mother's Day, I'm leading the morning worship service at North Park Community Church here in Eugene. I'm totally looking forward to that, but terrified in a way, too. I mean, I'm LEADING the morning service, something usually regulated to pastors! I feel unworthy. It's a heavy spiritual responsibility, and it is heavy on my heart.

The following weekend, I head out to the east coast to play two shows in Pennsylvania, and then one in West Virginia. Then I come back, turn around and head out to Nashville, where I'm speaking at a conference on Internet music promotion. Then I come back, play a wedding, and then the next day fly back down to Mill Valley, CA for a concert.

A big month.

It's startling, really. Two years ago I couldn't get a gig anywhere. Now I'm scheduling them a year out. It's so wild, and kinda cool, too.

I'm finding the being so busy with performances has it's downside, though. Now that I'm playing piano all the time, I'm writing a lot less. It's much more difficult to be creative, because instead of writing new solo piano material, I'm preparing for the next gig and all that entails.

Also, it is beginning to put a strain on my home life. Nothing terrible, mind you, but it's tough being away from the family so much. I take comfort in knowing that even with this schedule, I honestly think my kids see me more than most kids see their dad. But still, my poor wife doesn't get enough downtime away from the kids. She needs a break.

Fortunately, it looks like Julie will be coming with me to Nashville, and we have a weekend getaway together in June. So I'm really looking forward to that.

I love being busy. I'm a workaholic. Can't you tell? Here it is, 2 am, and I'm still up. Silly me.

Well, off to bed!

Sleep well,



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