Monday, April 25, 2005

A weekend of piano music and mutual admiration....

I just spent a weekend playing piano down at Valley River Center mall here in Eugene. The cool thing was, I shared the time/space with fellow pianist Scott D. Davis who has become a dear friend of mine. So for the entire weekend (Fri/Sat/Sun) Scott and I took turns at the piano (a 6' Yamaha), playing, laughing, chatting, and selling our CDs to passers by.

Scott has really been inspiring me of late. Watching him play makes me want to take some new approaches to playing the piano, and some of my newer songs are beginning to reflect his influence. In turn, I seem to be making an impact on Scott! He's starting to work up arrangements of some of my own tunes, particularly, "The Vigil" and "Ascending with Angels," both of which he's fallen in love with.

One of the great things about meeting and playing shows with other artists is the way we tend to rub off on one another. In other artists we admire the skill that we wish we had in ourselves. But even as we look at them in admiration and worry about our own shortcomings, those same artists are looking back at us in admiration and worried about theirs.

Funny how that works.



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