Monday, June 20, 2005

Sheet Music Notes: A Turn to Grace

The song "A Turn to Grace" first appeared on my CD called The Vigil which is, by the way, my personal favorite.

I remember composing the song and thinking what a strange little piece it was. The chord progression on the back half of the main theme was so unusual, so unlike my other compositions. And then, out of the blue, the song takes this effortless twist into an airy rendition of "Amazing Grace. " I think it's that little melodic surprize that really makes the song for the listener.

In terms of performing the piece (sheet music is available), the song begins very lightly, with extreme simplicity. Think if it as just breathing in and out at the piano. It's almost like a sigh, with the opening chords played casually - almost incidentally. And then when you hit that G major chord in measure nine, that's when the power of the song begins to kick in - that's the point at which it gets deliberate and purposeful.

All in all, I think "A Turn to Grace" is one of the more interesting of my compositions. While I believe the "Amazing Grace" twist is what made the song popular with listeners, for me it was the oddness of the chord progressions that makes it stand out from my other works.



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