Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Wonderful Outdoors....

Last night, I had the chance to finally play my first outdoor show of the summer! Oh, what a joy it was!

We have this great little mall here in Eugene called Oakway Center that has an outdoor courtyard where during the summer months I play outside for those dining at some of Eugene's finest restaurants.

We've had so much rain here lately, it's just been a blah spring and summer so far. Finally yesterday, after threatening to rain all day, the sky cleared and we had some nice warm sun! So I was able to go and play outside at Oakway Center for the first time this year.

The place was very busy with people enjoying their meals outside for the first time this season. It was a wonderful, warm (but not too warm) evening. I always love playing for folks in the courtyard, particularly during the dinner hour. There are always lots of children (there's a great little ice cream shop there) and they come up and dance to my music. I always love that.

While I was playing, I got two requests for "Jesus Loves Me," so it was nice to play that for everyone within earshot!

Quite a few of my local "roadies" showed up too, so we had our own little hang out session. It was really nice to see everyone. I played a couple of my new songs for them.

Anyway, it's nice to play the piano out under the setting sun, sharing my music with close friends, complete strangers and dancing children.

What a joy, truly!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This sounds truly beautiful. I hope someday to witness a courtyard performance from you. God bless!

2:09 PM  

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