Friday, July 22, 2005

The Next Album...

I'm so thrilled with how well the new CD is coming along - a lot faster than I expected. I basically have the track list down now, at least, it's a fair approximation of what I expect the final order will be. Here it is...

1) A Delicate Joy
2) The Lion and the Lamb (I'm still unsure about this title)
3) Traveling Light
4) 'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus
5) Near Eclipse
6) The Water is Wide
7) Taking in the Moment
8) New Song in A (This one is still untitled)
9) A Father’s Dance
10) A Distant Thunder
11) Driving with the Windows Down (?)
12) Morning Has Broken
13) Under the Setting Sun
14) Unending Joy

"Driving with the Windows Down" is actually a very old song that I've tried to record in the studio twice and never been happy with (the song was originally intended for "Sweet Dreams" and then I tried it again for "Overcome"). So I'm not really sure if that track is going to make the cut. I may just let it go. Some compositions just never see the light of day. I'm thinking I might do a new arrangement of my song "Home" (from The Vigil and Whisperings) and putting that in it's place. I play that song quite a bit different than I did a few years ago, and would love to release the new version.

Also, I still have one or two new songs in the works that aren't yet on that track list that might make it in.

I've been really enjoying the summer, musicially. Since I haven't been traveling quite so much I've been able to write a lot of new material. That will probably all end in September when I start traveling again, so it will be nice to get the new compositions under my belt.

This new album is a complete 180 from "Overcome." "Overcome" is such a dark album, and I really like it, but there aren't a lot of "happy" moments on it because of the overall theme of the album and what I was trying to accomplish with it. Most of that album is in a minor key.

With this next CD, though, all but three songs are in major keys. I deliberately wrote the songs in major because I want this next album to be a real contrast to the dark tone of "Overcome." The new album will be much more like "Postcards from Germany" in terms of being upbeat, but it's going to be even better, I think. I can see much improvement in myself as a pianist in these new songs - I'm doing a lot more in terms of embellishment, and it's definitely going to be "happy!"

I can't wait to get it done and release it, but that's still a good nine months away. Still, I'm encouraged by how it's taking shape!



Anonymous darnesha said...

It's interesting how peole can make a whole different mood with major or minor chords and things... I'm just kind of beginning to compose and God is moving things so quickly with me that I still get surprised at things I learn...

8:04 PM  

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