Tuesday, September 01, 2009

An Update on the New CD, "Revelation."

Just an update on the new CD, "Revelation," for those who are interested...

All the studio work for REVELATION is now complete. We're just finishing up the art design and then the album goes to the manufacturer for manufacturing.

REVELATION is comprised mostly of praise/worship song arrangements and improvisations. It is a continuation of my previous album, "Adoration." About half the recordings on the album were improvised and/or recorded and arranged "on the fly" while I was working on the "Adoration" CD. This will be my first album ever that is "improvisational" in nature. It is a soulful album. Quiet, peaceful, serene, prayerful. Great music to worship and study with.

Here's the final track list for the album...

A Mighty Fortress is our God
Sing Alleluia to the Lord
Awake to the Light (an original improvisation)
Softly and Tenderly
In the Shadow of Your Wings
Praise to the Lord, God Almighty
The Mystery and the Glory (original improvisation)
How Deep the Father's Love
Here I Am to Worship
More Love, More Power
Blessed Assurance
Your Holiness Surrounds Me
You Are My Hiding Place
Your Word (written by my good friend, Allison Long)
A Shield About Me
Holy, Holy, Holy
The Lion and the Lamb (original)
Amazing Love (You Are My King)
The Steadfast Love of the Lord

That's 19 tracks. The album will run just over 70 minutes.

Release date: Early December, 2009

David Nevue

Fall 2009 Concert Tour Set List...

I've come up with a set list that I like for my September/November tours. I may deviate from this a bit from place to place, as sometimes I get the sudden desire during a concert to play a particular song, and when that happens I usually go off script. But this will be the "planned" order:

The Vigil
Be Thou My Vision
Big Snow in Salzburg
The Gift
Sweet Dreams & Starlight
As the Deer
Amazing Grace


Psalm 77
Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
While the Trees Sleep
Eden Again
It is Well With My Soul
The Amazing Accordion Man
No More Tears

If an encore is requested, I'll finish with one of the following depending on what feels like the right vibe for the show:

Doxology: Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow
A Midnight Rain
Racing the Northern Lights
The Walled City
Castle Hunting

I hope you can make a concert. For my complete concert calendar, see http://www.davidnevue.com/calendar.htm

David Nevue