Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Avatar Experience - Is there more to Avatar than meets the eye?

I have an admission. After all the hype, I went and saw "Avatar" in 3D. I didn't really have a desire to see it, but the way everyone was going on and on about it, I decided to take an afternoon and see what all the fuss was about.

So off I went, and I have to say - it was the most stunning film I've ever seen. I haven't had a movie experience like that since I was a teenager. Something that so completely blew my mind, that so took me into another world.

But it wasn't too long after I left the movie that I became troubled by the experience. I was having these intense emotions - I was giddy. I felt like I had a serious "buzz" on, and that bothered me. After all, it was just a movie... so why was I behaving like - and this is the only way I know to describe it - like I just had my first kiss? I was "infatuated" with the film... at least, I was for a couple hours after seeing it.

After I came down from the Avatar "high" - and it did feel like a high - I sensed that I had been mentally manipulated. That seeing the movie somehow altered my mental state, though temporarily. Like I had been given a drug. And I thought to myself... did this movie somehow subliminally mess with my consciousness? It really seemed to effect my emotional state. Days later, I'm still feeling the effects. I desperately want to see the film again.... to experience it... and I want to bring others to see it with me. This is NOT something I normally feel - no matter how much I like a movie. It really bothers me.

Sounds crazy? I know, I know. But I've secretly wondered if underneath the "wonder" and the "beauty" that is Avatar, if there is something else going on. Maybe even something sinister.

I kept this all to myself, because it sounds insane. But then, tonight, I saw this...


With the dawn of this new age of 3D films, where the visuals are so real, lifelike, and wonderful, is it possible that somehow, deep in our subconscious, our minds are bypassing our surface knowledge that "this is just a movie" and beginning to respond to this visual stimulus as if it is, in fact, reality?

I mean, really, we don't understand all that much about the human mind. The brain is so incredibly complex, so amazing in it's capacity to process information. Perhaps we've tapped into something here... something that isn't altogether healthy. Physically, emotionally, spiritually.

I'm not a conspiracy nut, but perhaps in our quest for entertainment, we have stumbled onto something that may be harmful to our minds, to our emotions, and to our Spirit.

In the name of entertainment, we may be unwittingly walking into something wholly different and not as innocent as it seems.

I hear you saying... "it's just a movie... lighten up." I hear you.

I'm just saying... be aware. Be watchful.

And think carefully about what you submit your mind and Spirit to.

David Nevue
Solo Pianist & Creator of Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio