Monday, March 01, 2010

Seeking God's Will for Your Life...

Recently, I received an email from a young lady asking whether or not composing music was "God's will for her life." She was wondering because she was just starting to think about her college career, and she wanted to make sure she was following "God's will." She loved composing, thought she was good at it, but wanted to make sure she did what God wanted her to do when it came to her studies and her education.

I sent a response that turned out to be a real encouragement to her. So, I thought I would share that response here, for anyone else who might be seeking out God's will for their life. Perhaps my thoughts on this will be an encouragement to you in your own walk as well.

Here's was my reply...

"I firmly believe that if the Lord gifts us in a particular talent, AND if God puts the desire in our heart to use that gift, then that particular talent is something the Lord wants us to develop. To what extent is hard to say. God may gift someone in musical ability, but that doesn't necessarily mean that God desires that person to be a professional musician. It just may be that music is somehow important for developing that person in Christ.

So if composing is something you are gifted at, and it's something you earnestly want to pursue, then you should pursue it to God's glory. So long as you are walking with the Lord, praying daily, and abiding in God's Word, you don't really have to worry about what "God's will" is. You are already walking in it. You can just live your life in Christ, pursuing your Godly desires. God will direct your path along the way.

Often Christians stress too much about being in "God's Will" as if you can somehow miss it and then ruin your life or disappoint God because you're off track. Really, it's simple... just walk with Him. Stay in the Word. Pray. Fellowship with other believers. The rest comes naturally... and we need to rest in Him.

If we're doing the basic things with the Lord, we can be assured that we can't "go wrong." God has already set our path before us. We just need to walk with Him, and then trust Him to take care of the details. God doesn't need us to "understand" what he's doing in order to help us get there. He doesn't need us to "do our part" to make his Will come to fruition. God is the one who does the work.

So just rest in His grace and watch in wonder as your life unfolds.

David Nevue