Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Coming Fall 2011: Awakenings: The Best of David Nevue: 2001-2010

I am excited to formally announce the soon release of Awakenings: The Best of David Nevue (2001-2010). We just finished the concept for the cover art design and I wanted to share it with you all...

Here it is!

Nice, eh? I really like it as it looks so unlike any of my other album covers. I think it's very striking. The photo was taken on location at Shiprock in New Mexico by my lovely wife, Julie. The art design is by my good friend Matt Strieby of Newleaf Design.

At any rate, this album will be a collection of fan favorites from my albums Postcards from Germany, Sweet Dreams & Starlight, Overcome, Adoration and Revelation.

Here's the tentative track list...

1) Overcome
2) Eden Again
3) Big Snow in Salzburg
4) Winter Walk
5) As the Deer
6) In God's Hands
7) Treasure Falls
8) The Kindness of Strangers
9) The Lion and the Lamb
10) Sweet Dreams & Starlight
11) The Gift
12) Wonderland
13) Greensleeves
14) Broken
15) Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
16) Here I Am to Worship
17) Amazing Grace
18) The Amazing Accordion Man (Live)

I expect to release Awakenings in November... just in time for Christmas!

Also, my new album of original music, A Delicate Joy is on track for release on September 6th.

David Nevue