Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Little Girl is Growing up Too Fast....

Here's a picture of my little girl, Noelle, at about two months old. This is one of my favorite pictures of her and I....

Notice the back wall. This is the same "now famous" green wall we used for the cover of my "Overcome" CD. :)

But my, look how she's grown! Here's a photo from my recent California tour which included a trip back (the long way around) through Arizona, Utah and Idaho. This was taken at Zion National Park. She's almost four here...

And here she is again, being her fun self a day later!

This picture just totally captures Noelle's personality. She's fun, feisty, and always colorful! Would you guess she's a morning person?

The photo was picture taken at our favorite place to eat on the entire tour, the Bryce Canyon Resort Restaurant. Incredible service and amazing food! Here's a picture of it...

The place was really unassuming. It's about a mile down the road from the "main" resort that everyone goes to just before you enter Bryce Canyon in Utah. If you ever go to Bryce Canyon, you'll drive right past this place and almost not see it because you're so focused on the larger, "more attractive," tourist spots up the road. But don't pass it by. It's a hidden treasure.


Friday, June 08, 2007

Got a New Baby..... Grand!

I have a new instrument in my home. Well, new to me. It's actually used, but when it comes to buying a piano, I prefer to buy a used one (already broken in) than a new one.

I've been playing a Young Chang 4'11'' baby grand for about 8 years. I always dreamed of someday owning a Yamaha grand piano - and now I do!

This last week, I was offered a private showing at a piano sale here in town. I was invited to go down and check out the pianos before the sale was open to the public. The sale was offered by a Steinway dealer. I walked in and, sure enough, they had one solitary Yamaha piano there - a used Yamaha C-3, which is a 6'1" grand piano.

It was the first piano I sat down and played and after checking out many other pianos in my price range, I kept going back to it and finally decided to buy it. It was a really great deal, and I couldn't pass it up.

They delivered it on Sunday, and in doing so, took away my trade-in, my old Young Chang. I have to admit, I teared up a bit watching "my little girl" being packed away and carried off. I mean, I wrote a LOT of my music on that piano! It was really hard to see it go.

But then I sat down at my new piano and started playing and well, I'm over it now! It's got a really nice action, "like butter" as my wife said after sitting down and playing it for the first time.

The new piano was long overdue. The Young Chang I had was a great piano, but it has seen better days. It was a very inexpensive, entry-level grand piano, and really not made to be played two hours a day for ten years. I really put the miles on it.

Anyway, it's nice to have a new instrument with some life in it. I am so blessed!

David Nevue