Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Weekend Just for Fun and Relaxation....

What a treat I had this last weekend.

One of my "fans" (I really don't like that word - "fans" are just friends I haven't met yet!) works at a condominium on the Oregon Coast. He emailed me a couple months ago and offered my wife and I a free weekend there! So, for the first time in two years, my wife and I left the kids with Grandma and Grandpa and went away by ourselves for the weekend just to relax - no work and all play! I haven't done that in a very long time.

It was SOOOO nice for my wife and I to just hang out together. We really needed it.

We had a wonderful view of the ocean. You really couldn't get too much closer without getting wet! Here are some pictures taken by guests from the view just outside the room.

The condo is in Lincoln City, Oregon, which is a favorite spot for us. We used to drive there quite a bit when we were younger, back in the EARLY days of our marriage (way before kids!). We also spent a day in Newport and ate at a couple of wonderful restaurants. And if you ever go to Depot Bay, I highly recommend the "Sea Hag" for their fish and chips. Mmm mmm mmm! Tasty!

Even without the kids in tow, we of course talked alot about them and made a mental checklist of fun places to take them later this summer. I sure hope we get the chance to!

Thank you to Don Cooper and Ocean Terrace for a wonderful weekend!


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Upcoming Shows in Eugene, Salem and Portland, OR...

Happy (almost) 4th of July!

I wanted to let you all know about some solo piano concerts I have coming up in the Eugene, Salem, and Portland areas!

First, let me mention a very special concert in SALEM...

On July 23rd, at 7pm, I will be playing a free concert with pianist Bob Dahl at the Salvation Army Church at 1230 Winter Str., NE in Salem. Bob and I will be sharing time on stage. This concert is serving as Bob's CD release concert for his new album! However, he and I will both be playing, switching back and forth on piano. For those of you who don't know Bob, he is a wonderful showman. He has quite a sense of humor and is really entertaining. Plus, if you like my music, you'll like his. Come down and check it out! Here's a map!

Here are the shows I have coming up in EUGENE...

July 1st, 12-2pm. I will be providing lunch music in the Oakway Center courtyard area in Eugene (providing it's sunny). This is a free show, so if you've got nothing better going on for lunch on Friday, come on down!

July 8th, 12-2pm. Same as July 1st! Same place (Oakway Center), same time, different day. Hopefully, sunny weather!

July 15th, 6pm - Dusk. I will be providing dinner music in the Oakway Center courtyard area in Eugene (providing it's sunny). I just LOVE doing this - there's something really magical about the courtyard at night. Especially if it's been a really nice day. Families come out, children dance to the music, it's a lot of fun! And again, it's FREE!

July 16th, 11am-4pm and July 17th, 1pm-5pm. Free! I will be playing piano at Valley River Center mall in Eugene. I really enjoy adding my music to the "shopping" energy already happening at the mall. I get to meet so many new people when doing these shows. It's a blast!

July 29th, 6pm - Dusk. Free. Once again, I will be providing dinner music in the Oakway Center courtyard area in Eugene (providing it's sunny).

July 30th, 1-5pm. This one is a speaking engagement. I will be speaking on the topic of Internet Music Promotion for Christian Ministry at Hosanna Christian Fellowship at 2111 Minnesota St., in Eugene. Here's a map.

July 30th, 7pm. I will be playing a free concert at Hosanna Christian Fellowship at 2111 Minnesota St., in Eugene. This one will be a bit different as I'll be not only playing my music on the piano, but also leading a short time of worship on guitar. Here's a map.

And now for those of you in PORTLAND...

First, consider coming to the Salem show on July 23rd (see above). It's only an hour or so away. You won't regret it!

In addition, I am happy to announce that I will be doing another free solo concert at Sherman Clay Steinway in download Portland (131 NW 13th Ave.) on November 19th at 7pm! I know this date is a ways off, but put it on your calendar to reserve the date. The way my schedule is filling up, I expect this will be my one and only solo concert in Portland for the next year or so!

Once again, you can always view my calendar for updates on when and where I'm playing.

And if you'd like to book me for a concert at your house, church, benefit, wedding, fundraiser or other event, see my new, updated booking information page!

I hope to see you soon!

David Nevue

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sheet Music Notes: Ascending with Angels

The song Ascending with Angels, which first appeared on my CD, The Last Waking Moment, has a very interesting origin. While the title of the song may conjour up all kinds of mental images, the genesis of the piece is in reality much more mundane.

I wanted to see if I could write a song in which the left hand played virtually the same thing all the way through, while at the same time keeping the song from sounding irritatingly repetitive.

In short, I wanted to write an entire song based on one chord. Sounds boring, huh? That's why I took up the challenge!

The trick is to keep your left hand going, playing the same pattern all the way through, while playing all the other notes (in both the treble AND bass clefs) with your right hand. So your right hand is crossing over your left hand and back again throughout the song.

The finished result is a great piece to play at a fast tempo if you want to impress your friends. The song looks and sounds difficult to play, but is actually quite easy.

Shhhh! Don't tell anyone. It's our little secret!


Monday, June 20, 2005

Sheet Music Notes: A Turn to Grace

The song "A Turn to Grace" first appeared on my CD called The Vigil which is, by the way, my personal favorite.

I remember composing the song and thinking what a strange little piece it was. The chord progression on the back half of the main theme was so unusual, so unlike my other compositions. And then, out of the blue, the song takes this effortless twist into an airy rendition of "Amazing Grace. " I think it's that little melodic surprize that really makes the song for the listener.

In terms of performing the piece (sheet music is available), the song begins very lightly, with extreme simplicity. Think if it as just breathing in and out at the piano. It's almost like a sigh, with the opening chords played casually - almost incidentally. And then when you hit that G major chord in measure nine, that's when the power of the song begins to kick in - that's the point at which it gets deliberate and purposeful.

All in all, I think "A Turn to Grace" is one of the more interesting of my compositions. While I believe the "Amazing Grace" twist is what made the song popular with listeners, for me it was the oddness of the chord progressions that makes it stand out from my other works.


Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Wonderful Outdoors....

Last night, I had the chance to finally play my first outdoor show of the summer! Oh, what a joy it was!

We have this great little mall here in Eugene called Oakway Center that has an outdoor courtyard where during the summer months I play outside for those dining at some of Eugene's finest restaurants.

We've had so much rain here lately, it's just been a blah spring and summer so far. Finally yesterday, after threatening to rain all day, the sky cleared and we had some nice warm sun! So I was able to go and play outside at Oakway Center for the first time this year.

The place was very busy with people enjoying their meals outside for the first time this season. It was a wonderful, warm (but not too warm) evening. I always love playing for folks in the courtyard, particularly during the dinner hour. There are always lots of children (there's a great little ice cream shop there) and they come up and dance to my music. I always love that.

While I was playing, I got two requests for "Jesus Loves Me," so it was nice to play that for everyone within earshot!

Quite a few of my local "roadies" showed up too, so we had our own little hang out session. It was really nice to see everyone. I played a couple of my new songs for them.

Anyway, it's nice to play the piano out under the setting sun, sharing my music with close friends, complete strangers and dancing children.

What a joy, truly!


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Project Updates....

Wow, what a relief it's been to actually NOT be traveling for three whole months! I have learned a very important lesson - when I'm traveling, I don't write music! I'm too busy!

Now that I've been home a couple of weeks I've started writing and arranging in earnest. There are two main CD projects I'm working on. The first is an album of traditional hymns, which will be arranged in "David Nevue" style.

So far, the songs in the works for this album include:

1) Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
2) It is Well With My Soul
3) Fairest Lord Jesus
4) My Jesus, I Love Thee
5) Crown Him Lord of All
6) Amazing Grace
7) 'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus
8) Praise to the Lord
9) I'll Walk With Him Always
10) Jesus, Love of My Soul
11) How Great Thou Art
12) Blessed Assurance
13) Just as I Am
14) Holy, Holy, Holy
15) Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow
16) He is Exalted
17) Be Thou My Vision
18) Take My Life and Let it Be

I'll probably end up leaving a few of those out, but those are the arrangements in the works. I think it's going to be a GREAT album for anyone who appreciates both my piano style and hymn arrangements.

In addition, I'm working on an album of new original music. However, this CD will include some arrangements, too. Arrangements for that CD include:

1) Morning Has Broken
2) The Water is Wide
3) Adagio in G Minor (by Albinoni)
4) Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini (Rachmaninov)

On the last two songs, I have a LOT of work to do, but I'm hoping I can pull them off. I've really been wanting to do some "David Nevue" arrangements of some of my favorite classical tunes, so I'm starting with those two.

In addition, that album will have at least ten new songs.

So that's what I've been working on. I'm hoping I have have most of the arranging on these done by the end of summer. Then I can spend the next few months playing and refining them, and then recording the two albums next spring/summer perhaps for release by Christmas of 2006.

So that's what I've been working on...


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

My little girl is two....

My daughter, Noelle, just turned two years old on Sunday.

Wow. It was just the other day we were shooting the picture that ended up on the back of my "Sweet Dreams & Starlight" CD. She was about three months old in that shot. Now, here she is, two years old, walking, talking, and making demands!

Noelle: "Milk! Milk!"

Papa: "Say 'please,' sweetie...."

Noelle: "peas... Milk! Milk! Milk! Milk!"

My little girl is definitely a little lioness. From the moment she was born, we knew she was different than her big brother, Nathan. Nathan, who is five now (two when he was photographed for the cover of the SD&S CD) is mister cool. He's thrown maybe one fit in his life, and aside from that, I've never seen him get angry and yell. He talks incessantly, yes, (which drives mama and papa to distraction!), but he never yells.

Now Noelle, she's a little observer. She doesn't speak a whole lot unless she wants something, but she can go from quiet to screaming in no time flat. She's got a temper, that girl! She's going to be a strong-willed one, that's for sure!

But she's got the prettiest little face. And when she say's "Hi Papa!" I just melt.

Yes, my little girl is two, and I love her very much.


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Handling Disappointment....

I just got back yesterday from my latest San Francisco gig...

It was a show featuring three solo pianists - myself, Brenda Warren and Scott D. Davis.

The gig was a total disaster for me, financially speaking. We had less than a dozen present in a theatre that seated over a hundred. So Brenda, Scott and I played to pretty much an empty house. It was too bad, too. Because it was a wonderful venue and a beautiful 7' Mason & Hamlin piano. I enjoyed playing it, and I played well this night.

All three of us who performed speculated as to why the show failed to draw a crowd. I certainly have my opinion, but won't get into that here. I do believe that this could have been a successful show had things been different.

I really fought with anger about the situation afterward. I remember dragging my luggage back up the hill to my rental car and having to pray earnestly about it. I lost about $500 on this show, and that's a lot of money to just say "bye-bye" to. The thing is, I KNOW everything happens for a reason - and the reason I do what I do honestly isn't about the money. Sure, I need to provide for my family, but aside from that, it's not about wealth. It's about ministry. And it's about serving others.

And those are the exact words I kept telling myself over and over - "It isn't about you" - and I think I managed to keep my frustration in check. This was definitely a test of my "flesh" vs. the Spirit within me.

After the show, everyone wanted to go out for dinner together. I balked for a moment, because I really wanted to be alone - to go off and dive into work so I'd feel productive. But I knew that was the emotional response and it wouldn't really, truly be productive - at least not spiritually productive. NOTHING good comes of being alone. People need to be with people. I supressed my desire to retreat and instead, fellowshipped with others.

I had a pleasant time. It's always good to hang with with my bud, Scott, and Brenda and I are becoming good friends too, I think.

Romans 8:28 kept coming to mind - "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."

My whole life is a testimony to this verse. I know it and trust it inside and out and yet it's amazing how easily it is to get caught up in the negativity of a particular moment.


I may never know the complete purpose of this particular trip, but my meeting Ana seemed to be one of the main, obvious reasons.

Ana was the one person from my mailing list to turned out for the show. We chatted a bit, and I sat with her while Scott and Brenda played their sets. After the show, I played a special request for Ana - giving her her own little private concert.

I really appreciated Ana being there. It gave me an immediate purpose because even though the theatre was virtually empty during the show, I gave my performance best for her - because she had taken the time to come down to see me.

And so Ana, if you're out there, thank you for coming. You truly made the trip worth it for me.

God is working his purpose out
as year succeeds to year:
God is working his purpose out,
and the time is drawing near;

nearer and nearer draws the time,
the time that shall surely be,
when the earth shall be filled with the glory of God
as the waters cover the sea.

- Arthur Campbell Aigner, 1894

David Nevue

Saturday, June 04, 2005

A Beautiful Wedding....

Congratulations to Ralph and Holly Miele!

I just played their wedding tonight, and it was beautiful - one of the most delightful weddings I've been a part of. My wife Julie (a violist) and I provided the prelude to the ceremony with a violin/piano duet of a hymn and two popular praise songs. The songs were "'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus," a hymn arrangement that will appear on one of my future CDs, "Your Holiness Surrounds Me," and "Be the Center."

I then performed an arrangement of "Morning Has Broken" which was a request and was dedicated to the mother of the groom, who just recently passed away. It was one of her favorite songs. I like the arrangement so much, I think I'm going to include in on a future CD release.

Next, I played "Voice in the Wilderness" for the procession, and then "Wonderland" for the bride's entry. Finally, as the ceremony postlude, I played "Castle Hunting," which accompanied everyone as they left the sanctuary.

There was a beautiful peace over the santuary during the ceremony. The wedding felt very much led by the Spirit. I just realized why - It felt very much like a worship service!

I'm always so grateful and honored to play at weddings - it's a big deal to be asked to do it, because you are becoming a PERMANANT part of a couple's history. They will always remember you and the music you provided. What a great honor!

Well, I'm off to San Francisco tomorrow morning for a piano concert with Brenda Warren and Scott D. Davis. I'm looking forward to it and will write about how things went as soon as I can.

Off to bed!


Thursday, June 02, 2005

Whatsoever Ye Do.....

I receive an email devotional from the "Orange Moon Cafe" that comes in once a week or so. I decided to post this one, because it REALLY sums up why I do what I do in regards to the piano.
So, for your encouragement and edification, here it is.....

The Special of the Day... From the Orange Moon Cafe...
Responsibility becomes privilege when the labors of life are recognized as being performed in the Lord's vineyard.

"Whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not to men" (Colossians 3:23).

"I have to do" becomes "I get to do" as we realize that "whatsoever ye do" bears the potential for worship and glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ. God does not categorize our lives into the sacred and the secular as we walk with Him, but rather calls us to the realization that altars are everywhere for the born again believer.

It is more than possible to cut the grass in the joy of Christ as we do it with Him, and for Him. Or care for the baby. Or drive to work. Or perform our work. Or brush our teeth. Or deal with problems and challenges. Or breathe the next breath. Or anything, excepting sin. Anything, and everything. Anywhere, and everywhere. Any time, and all the time.

The salvation of the Lord Jesus is far greater and more invasive than we normally realize. He has infused His life, love, zest and Divine enthusiasm into everything in our lives, and we only fail to experience the gift because of ignorance or unbelief. Our blessed Lord is near - He is here - and He purposes to walk with us and within us to enable a joyous life of love, faith and obedience in all things. We were made for this, and let us encourage each other continually to open our eyes and see the beauty of the vineyard in which we labor. Even more, let us behold the beauty of the vineyard's Master because again, He is here, and we are privileged - we get to do - all that we do with Him and for Him.

"I will dwell in them and walk in them, and I will be their God, and they shall be My people."
(II Corinthians 6:16)


This really spoke to me as an artist. I feel so blessed to be able to serve the Lord with this gift of piano music, performing my work, in Him.

If you'd like to receive these devotionals, email Glen at .

Have a good one!


16 Years Married and Counting....

This last weekend, my wife and I just celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary! The years have gone by so fast. I can still remember the first night we met and how much we laughed and giggled together!

Today, with our busy schedules and with bringing up two little children, we don't "giggle" quite as much as we used to - we're much too tired (and I'm afraid I've gotten a bit more "serious" in my old age!) But we love our children together, and we treasure the few moments we get alone together each day, and we have a greater appreciation for the little delights of life than we ever had before.

For our anniversary, I bought my wife a pearl bracelet. I saw it an knew right away that she'd love it, and she did. It's so cool when you know someone so well that you know their likes and dislikes without even having to ask.

Julie is the love of my life. And I thank God for her every day. I am so blessed!